Can I trigger a PopUp with a call to action button?

I am doing an “Under Construction” page for a client and I would like to trigger a PopUp for readers to fill out a Mailing-list Opt-in with a button on the page. I just love the functionality and look of the PopUp and I don’t want to navigate to some other page to display the form. Is there a way to set something on the page to cause the popup to trigger only when the Call To Action button is pressed?

  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey dmuchnok,

    There sure is :slight_smile:

    You just need to activate the “Javascript events” condition via:

    PopUp > Settings.

    Then you will be able to trigger the pop up when a certain CSS selector is clicked.

    To do this, go back to your Popup editor and there will be a new option in the “Behaviour” settings – “Appear when user clicks on a CSS selector: “

    Enter in a unique class or ID. Such as: #optin-popup – as seen in my screenshot.

    Then for the button or link text on your under construction page just add that ID to it.

    So for a link it could look like this:

    <a href="#" id="optin-popup">Link text here</a>

    It’s important to just put “#” in the href because you don’t actually want the link to go anywhere. If you put a new link in there, then it would trigger the popup and still go to that page.

    Hope this helps! If you need any further assistance just let us know.

    All the best,


  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey Leo,

    I'd suggest moving over to our Hustle plugin as we've moved most of PopUp Pro's functionality into it in addition to all of it's Opt-in features :slight_smile: in Hustle, you have that option in the "Custom Content" module:

    However, if you do still want to use PopUp Pro instead, then you'll have to activate the Javascript Events condition:

    Hope that helps! If you still have any further questions just let us know.



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