Can I use a function as a Query Parameter?

I am working on a solution to set the range on the displayed markers in a google maps mashup. The range will be selected by user and available to reference; current value options are 50, 100, 200.

The question is how will I get this info to the google maps plugin. I am considering using the map query, since it seems to take any type of SQL query parameters. I am pretty sure I have seen functions used as query parameters before.

so to my question: Can I use a function as a [map query} Parameter?

I current use a query string like this:

[map query="tag=Cycling&&current&&posts_per_page=-1" ...

I need to write a function to return true if the post is "in range" so I might get a query that looks like this:

[map query="tag=Cycling&&current&&<?php in_range(post_id)>&&posts_per_page=-1"

or maybe

[map query="tag=Cycling&&current&&[inrange]&&posts_per_page=-1"

but the latter I worry about the map plugin cancelling on the embedded shortcode "]"

It might be easier to go into the google maps plugin source and customize the script to run the filtering code.

Has anyone ever explored this?