Can I use blog template to limit number of posts / pages each site has?


I've just read the below article and would like to clarify something: if I create a site with a preset number of page and/or posts that are pre-populated with dummy content, can I use this as the template and restrict the multisite user permissions so they are only able to login and edit this content, but are unable to create additional pages and/or posts?

For example...the template site has:
1 x page for "About Us"
1 x page for "Products and Services"
1 x page for "Contact Us" form
5 x posts for marketing content.

I know I can use Pro Sites to limit the total number of pages/posts that can be created in a membership level, but that's not quite what we're after as we want to define the type of content that's written.

I'm also considering using CustomPress so we can define the taxonomy of each of these template pages.

Am I on the right track? Can we do this as stated above?

Kind regards