Can I use Marketpress Ecommerce and woocommerce together in one website?

I am so used to using woocommerce, not because I like it but the most of theme I purchased uses the woocommerce for the ecommerce platform.
Even though marketpress is affordable in many ways and useful with many WPMU plugins, it has its limitation and most of all not compatible with the theme I purchased.
Since I don't know how to keep the original theme's css, I decided to use both plugin, if it is possible. Woo for eCommerce and Marketpress for event+, membership pro, and other WPMU plugins.

But I am afraid that this will cause a lot of conflicts, and payment gateways are not working after all, and that the site running slow.

Please guide me on how I could better use woocommerce with marketpress and event+ plugins.



  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @austin, Michael here! :slight_smile:

    Since you mentioned Events+ (and since I'd advised on the use of that with MarketPress in the thread I just responded to), that's going to be the primary concern here.

    For while the name of MarketPress's post type can be changed (from "product" to "mp_product", and is a one time change at that, so there's no going back), Events+ is only designed to work with MarketPress presently, via the "Payments via MarketPress Products" add-on I mentioned before.

    So if you're wanting to use that integration, that'll require leaving MarketPress as it is, without WooCommerce in the picture. Otherwise, if that integration isn't critical, I would advise setting up a test site, and test out the change of the post type there, before making any moves to try this on a live site.

    That option, by the way, would be the "Change product post type" option in the "Advanced Settings" section, found inside of:

    Store Settings -> General

    Kind Regards,

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