Can I use marketpress to build this site (or something similar)?

It looks like a buddypress site.

Can I use Marketpress to make something similar to this website? Not neccessarily selling music though, could be anything.

The main goal is to allow buddypress members to list their stuffs for sale, music download, physical goods, etc. When customers purchas with marketpress shopping cart, I (as the website owner) can take a little percentage for each sale.

As you can also see, once someone made a purchse, buddypress shows the update, which makes buying a social activity (so smart!):

Latest Sales

Simon James has just bought Weekend Goverment by Bibelots

Simon James has just bought Devils Highway by Bibelots

Simon James has just bought The Bomb by Bibelots

It is like a craigs list with an integrated (market place) shopping cart. Huge potencial!

Thanks & Look forward to the solution :slight_smile: