Can I use MarketPress to set up pre-packaged stores for my vendors?

Hi! I need to find a plugin or solution and I’m wondering if MarketPress eCommerce will fit the bill. I’m hoping for some guidance on this issue.

Here’s the concept. I will be launching a site that talks about a certain niche topic. My readership is will be primarily information seekers, but a subset will be looking to buy something (foods made from my recipes). The paying members of my site will be vendors. All the vendors will be licensed by me to sell the same set of products (foods which they make and package).

What I would like to do is to have each paid vendor have their own store/shop page on my domain where they can select which of my recipes they will be selling, and then set up (optionally) either a max number of orders they want per week or month, or an inventory quantity per product. Most of my vendors will be small time bakers making the foods on a per-batch basis and I just want them to be able to specify a maximum number of units they can handle so they aren’t flooded with orders when my eBook launches.

I hope I haven’t lost you yet. Please know that I am only marginally insane. :wink:

So… readers come looking for info and recipes. Some want the foods because of a health benefit but don’t want to special order all the fussy ingredients and wonder “Can’t I just buy this somewhere?” and – why yes! – I have a directory of folks willing to help you with that. The directory is all those vendors. Of perhaps 12 recipes, they each may only sell products from 3 or so. I want them to be able to customize their shop page to feature only the products they’re selling, let them use my photos or upload their own, and then my readers should place orders for the foods directly from their shop pages. I’m not allowing a single order to be fulfilled by more than one vendor (the visitor will have to place separate orders if their vendor doesn’t sell all the products they wish to buy).

Here’s the catch! I don’t want any of the vendors to ever see the back end of anything or even necessarily know that this is a WordPress site. You know how eBay stores let the sellers customize everything in the user interface? That’s what I want. All the possible products are known. I want them to be able to open and close their shop at will.

The directory needs to be self-maintaining so that if the vendor doesn’t pay their license fee, their store is closed automatically. Then if they renew, it will reappear.

I will save all the shopping cart and checkout questions for another thread!

THANK YOU for reading and I hope I have explained this well!