Can I use Membership 2 Pro for non content related things?

Hello, i am trying to figure out a way to charge people membership dues on my website. I would love to use Membership 2 Pro, but all of the options are based on content. When a user buys a membership I don't want any content restrictions, and even if a user doesn't buy a membership, they should be able to see all of the content as well.

Fore example:

Peggy visits my website and is interested in what the organization is about. After browsing my content she decides she wants to become a member so she proceeds to the "Membership" page and chooses "Star Gazer" at the rate of $75. After Peggy registers and pays her membership dues, she is redirected to the website and can still see all content.

Does that make sense? I want to offer memberships that are not based on content.