Can I use multiple themes on multisite

How do I use multiple themes when using multisite?

  • Alexander
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    Hey @Chris,

    From your network dashboard, you can "network enable" a theme. This will allows any site on the network to use it.

    Or you can go to "Sites" and locate a specific site. If you edit it from there, you'll see a "Themes" tab. Here you'll be able to manage a selection of themes that this site has access to. This is helpful if you want to have themes specific to each client.

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  • Chris
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    I guess I should check with you on the entire idea before I proceed then. I plan to have a main site where people register and pick a plan using the membership plugin. Then I'd like to use the multisite plugin to have separate themes.

    1) Will the user registration be carried over. Basically if I'm restricting content with the membership plugin, I assume it's only for that site. If there is another site in a subdomain with a separate menu, will I be able to restrict access to it (and it's URLs) based on the main site's user status?

    2) I've not set up a network of sites before. Is this the only way to use the multisite plugin? And if so, where should I start in order to do this?

  • Alexander
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    Hi @Chris,

    If you've never used Multisite before, I'd recommend setting up a test site and giving it a try. This would help you learn some of the ins and outs.

    1. Yes, the restricted content is just for that site. But in Multisite, users are only created in one place. A user can then become a subscriber of any other site, or an admin when creating their own site.

    You could also check out our Pro Sites plugin:

    It's designed for accepting payments from users who create their own site on your network.

    2. The only way to create a network of sites within one WordPress installation is by enabling Multisite.

    Best regards,

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