Can I use the Chat plugin on the front end of my website?

Thank you very much for taking this question. I am wondering if there might be a way to use the chat plugin in a light box or other modal element in the front-end of a website, for example, after users fill out a sign up form or after clicking on an actionable item. Finally, is there a way to integrate Google + or Facebook signup on a separate sign-up form with the plugin, also from the front-end? Many thanks.

  • Ash

    Hello @matmaker

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    Chat plugin doesn't deal with registration, so I don't think there is a possible social registration integration in this plugin.

    Also, chat window can't be shown inside a pop window, but you can enable chat in a page, in a sidebar or in bottom cornet. And from there you can popout the chat, so the chat window will open in a new pop window. It's not usual popup though.

    Hope it helps :slight_smile: Please feel free to ask more question if you have.


  • matmaker

    Thank you very much for the prompt answer. I don't suppose there would be a way to turn on login by Google+, Facebook, and Twitter, but have this be integrated with the user profile created at registration? For example, after filling out a form and opting for google + or facebook sign-on, this profile could be remembered by chat so that the user's avatar displays in the chat window once the user is redirected to a page or element with the chat application. Finally, I hope it isn't too much trouble, but would you happen to have any screenshots of what it would look like to have the chat window display as a sidebar? Many thanks.

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