Can i use the same paypal account for chained payments and a shop?

Not exactly sure how to phrase this clearly but here goes...

I'd like to set up a network with chained payments so individual site owners can have their shop while the network takes a percentage on each sale. So far no problem as this is what MarketPress can do.

But one of the stores on the network will be our own. Is it possible to use same paypal account for that store as the one set in the Network admin to take the chained payements percentage? And if so, will the plugin and PayPal treat orders/checkouts from this particular shop as a non-chained (regular) payement then?

Or would you advise against this and should we create separate PayPal accounts, one to collect the network percentage and one for our own shop?

I hope I explained the issue clear enough and thank you for any advise.

Kind regards, Rolf

  • Vinod Dalvi

    Hi Rolf,

    I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

    It is possible to use same paypal account for that store as the one set in the Network admin because when using chained payments wouldn't require all subsites to set up their PayPal API, but they would need a PayPal account, as they would insert their email into the field on their site admin side.

    I'm going to flag the developer here for some feedback. My experience with Payment Gateway is limited.

    I have notified the developer, he will reply on this thread providing you more information about it.

    Vinod Dalvi

  • RavanH

    Hi @Vinod Dalvi thanks for flagging the dev. We'd be testing this case ourselves if we did not have trouble with getting our chained payments app accepted... Not sure what they actually need more than the info we provided but they keep replying with a demand for more info. Anyway, that is another issue :wink:

    I'd be great if the dev can confirm or deny that our desired use of the same paypal account in the network admin as on one of the shop sites will not cause any checkout issues or double transaction fees by PayPal or anything...

    Just to make sure :slight_smile:

  • Jonathan

    Hi @RavanH,

    I think you'll need to setup a second account like you said. When we submit the payment info to PayPal we send two emails to "share" the payment. If both of those emails match I'm assuming PayPal will throw an error/reject the payment. I haven't tried this though, so it's just a theory. I'm going to flag the original developer (@Aaron) on this though and see what he says. :slight_smile:

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