Can i use these WPMUDEV plugins on WP Engine?

Hello, i put together a multisite platform with a number of plugins from WPMUDEV, thanks to your amazing plugins i have been able to create my "dream setup" on a VPS in order to test and setup everything and now that i am read to launch i would like to move everything to WP Engine. Thanks to another amazing WPMUDEV plugin, Snapshot it should be pretty easy too... :wink:

Could i have any problems with these specific plugins below? I know it will not be a smooth migration, but i want to know if any of these plugins are NOT recommended on WP Engines managed environment.
Pro Sites
Domain Mapping
Anti Splog
Post Indexer (i feel like this is a heavy one, since i index some custom post types too)
Global Search
Ultimate Branding
New Blog Templates
WP Smush Pro

Here are some important plugins I use, that are not from WPMUDEV but central to my configuration:
User Role Editor
WP Type Toolset/Views

Maybe this question is a little complex, but basically my platform provides templates to create sites for a specific niche market, and will allow users to create free and payed sites with custom domains... etc...

Any info that you can give e would be very welcome!!
Again thanks for making my startup possible, without WPMUDEV it would be impossible...