Can I use this plug ins & themes on more than website?

Can I use the plugs in, themes, etc on more than one website? Also, if I cancel a subscription in the future, can I still keep the plug in and theme installed?

  • Ollie

    Yer in their terms page

    To my understanding you can use as many sites as you want;

    quoted from the terms page;

    Q: Can I carry on using WPMU DEV plugins and themes for as long as I like even if I don’t have a paid membership?

    A: Yes! All of our plugins and themes are GPL so you can carry on using them for as long as you like and on as many sites as you like, without any license.

    Q: So why should I choose a longer membership?

    A: Because that gets you guaranteed upgrades, new plugins, new themes, unlimited ongoing support, and access to our API services like white label videos (hosted by us!) and Anti Splog… basically everything you need to support your WordPress site in the long term, just like having your own developer!

    If it was the fee it was for one site only we probably wouldn't have signed up in the first place... But you can soo alls good. The main thing to hold on to your subscription is due to the API and updates.

    Cheers Billy

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