Can Marketpress be used for crowdfunding?

We would love to be able to set up a site for our media publishing company that utilizes crowdfunding to determine which projects get made, and when.

Can Marketpress be used to create a crowdfunding site? Can you offer some ideas about how to configure the plugin for that?

Many thanks again guys and gals for all your help!

  • Renaissance Media

    I'm guessing that we'd want some sort of "thermometer" to track each project's (product) funding status. Perhaps there could be a way of controlling the numbers of supporters at each level?

    After a supporter has pledged, there should be a way to delay payment processing until the project reaches its goal. I suppose that it might work something like an advance order - like when you pre-order a book.

    There should also be various options on the product page corresponding to different support levels and their associated "rewards" or appreciation gifts.

    It would also be nice to automagically send correspondence to a particular project's (product) supporters with status updates, rather than just a standard "order status". I wonder if it would be possible for those messages to be triggered at key milestones...

    That's what I'm thinking at the moment...

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