Can MarketPress be used to create an Etsy like website

We read the following blog and watched the video listed below.

They both mention that MarketPress can be used to create Etsy like website.

We have a client that wants to create such a site but we are confused. Etsy lets a user select products from multiple vendors shown on the same screen and pay for all vendor products using 1 shopping cart.
Then Etsy takes a commission from the total.

From reading the blog and watching the video, my understanding is that Set Enable Global cart must be set to "No" in order to get a commission from each vendor. But if Set Enable Global=No does that mean that user will NOT see all products (example all Jewelry products) on the same home page? And if Set Enable Global=No does that mean that user has to go to each separate store to see and pay each store product separately in separate shopping carts?

Please explain or is there another documentation that explains this better? Thanks!