Can MarketPress collect custom fields and sell free items?

I am doing some free-of-charge work for a charity.

They are running a table sale where exhibitors (customers) get a table and sell goods from it.

There is limited stock of tables (40)

Their requirement is that customers can either buy a table for “£ 0” or buy one for “£ 10”.

We have to collect information about the customer,

* name and address

* business name

* contact details

* other profile fields my client thinks of at the last minute

And the customer will have to pick the type of goods that they will sell on their table from a list.

For example,

* jewellery

* leather goods

* …

Previous customers will be given VIP status and will be allowed to buy VIP tables

Will MarketPress work for me? I need,

* powerful custom field collection

* ability to sell free items

* ability to sell and report on configured items

* ability to export information into CSV for importing into other systems (such as WPMUDev Subscribe by Email)

* ability to restrict some items to VIP customers

If MarketPress is not a good fit, would Gravity Forms do the job. I would need to have a flow that ended up with a PayPal button for those that wanted to pay but I would need to match the payment with the Gravity Forms record.