Can Marketpress do this?

Configuration: WordPress multisite network

Plugins used: Marketpress, membership, pro site, domain mapping.

Once a new sub site is created, a certain member level can use the Marketpress plugin to set up a store and map the subsite to a new domain.

Here is the idea.

Can Marketpress (on a subsite) read in 2 separate product tables and display all products from both tables on current sub site: one is the product table that belongs/created to current subsite, the other table is another subsite’s product table.

The purpose is:

Network admin is a wholesale business owner, and subsite admin is retail business owner.

Network admin created a subsite and enter lots of products with all the details (price, image, description, etc.), let’s call it subsite A.

Retail subsite (let’s call it subsite B) admin can directly use all the pre-configured products categories and product details (prices, images, description) that are managed and updated by network admin on a particular subsite (subsite A) that already has thousands of products entered, and keep adding over time. At the same time, subsite admin B can also add his own products in his store (subsite B), in addition to those fulled from subsite A.

From a visitor/shopper point of view, there is no difference between the products that were pulled from subsite A and the products that were added by current subsite admin B, unless the current subsite admin B use a different category name to differentiate. All products listed on current subsite B can be checked out on current subsite B, and the sales proceeds go to subsite admin B’s paypal account.

Network admin makes money by providing thousands of ready-to-go products that all subsite admin can pull directly to their retail store from a network-admin-managed subsite A.

Let’s go little further. once the above function can be done, network admin can start to create more subsites (D,E,F,G…:wink: to host different kind of product groups, and provide retail subsite admins with more options to choose from – retail subsite admin B can choose which product groups to pull in to his store, one or multiple groups/susites created by network admin.

Network admin needs to keep updating each product group (subsite A that hold products) duo to availability (add or remove products), pricing changes, image changes etc. Anyway, on site A that managed by network admin, all the pricing entered is retail price (so subsite admin can use directly), and network admin always keeps the price up-to-date, so all retail subsites always show the pulled-in products with the current up-to-date retail pricing automatically (always same price as subsite A).

In summary, the question is: how Marketpress can read in and display another set of product tables from another subsite, beside current subsite’s product table?

Thanks for your patience to read this loooooooong post :slight_smile: