Can MarketPress Import Variations and Excerpts?

I'm moving over from a different e-commerce solution, and I'm trying to set up an Etsy-like art store. The problem is, all of my products have variations (different print sizes) and excerpts. I tried adding a column to the CSV named "Variation Name" and "Excerpt" but no dice. I also tried using PHPAdmin to look at the database to see if I could do it manually that way, but was unable to find the product table.

I cannot seem to get these fields easily imported, and a thousand products is too many to input by hand.

Any suggestions?

  • digitsoft
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    I was trying to do the same thing...dug around in the database, importer, etc.., and then found this:

    It adds a "Clone" option on the products page, but importantly it works! The variations and everything...

    Since my items are all essentially the same and have the same variations it should be easier to create one with the variations, clone it many times, and then edit each product.

    It's not the clean bulk creation we'd like, but for someone with similar products and variations it works.


  • catch
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    Finally have sometime to work on my site and I am sitting here manually typing in 43 different variations for one product. I hate to bring this topic up again because I have seen it in several different threads. But, it would be beyond awesome if I did not have to manually do this. I have manually done this in the past.......................

  • jesus vasquez
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    I found a solution to this.

    It requires some SQL knowledge.

    You need to create one product with all the variations (you are going to duplicate those) and use an SKU (you need it to locate the product on the table by the sku).

    1) Access your Database using PhpMyAdmin and look for a table called mp_postmeta.

    2) Export mp_postmeta table as SQL. (keep a copy of the file as a backup).

    3) Open the file on any text editor or dreamweaver and locate the SKU (ctrl+F)

    4) note that the price and variations are a few lines (columns) away from the sku. They should look like this "mp_price" and "mp_variationname"
    (the names of the columns might be a little different as i did this few days ago but the names are self explanatory of what they do)
    Copy the mp_price field and the mp_variation name in a separate text file, you will need them later.

    5) Do a find and replace:

    Find: The empty variation column

    replace with: The mp_var name text containing your variations.

    6) do the same for the price if needed.

    Find: empty or single price field. (ex mp_price 19.9958605843649505858)

    replace with: mp_price text containing all prices for your variations.

    7) save file as SQL and import it again (You may need to drop the table before)

    I did it and I added 7 different variations to my 987 products inventory.

    I hope it works for you as well as I know you will spend a great amount of time doing this one by one.

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