Can Marketpress Incorporate a Product Customizer?

The only thing holding me back from using Marketpress is the fact that there is no Product Customizer feature. Is there any chance that a Product Customizer will be integrated into Marketpress in the near future, or is there a 3rd party plugin that will work well with Marketpress? Thanks

  • Bojan Radonic

    Hey Freerunner,

    How are you doing today?

    Currently we don't have any plans to implement Product Customizer feature into MarketPress, of course if there is a lot of interest for something like this on the forum then we might consider it for future development.

    Please note that this is members forum which is made purely for discussion between members so if you're looking for a reply from staff you should open a thread in support forum here.

    With that said I can move this thread into Features and Feedback section and if this turns out to be popular we will consider it for future development as I mentioned above.


  • djohns

    I found a number of products for WooCommerce, but none for MarketPress. This plugin is said to work on any WordPress post, so perhaps it be placed in a MarketPress page:

    This platform has an API that someone might be able to adapt:

    This article had some interesting information about writing a customizer:

    It would make an interesting group project for the WPMU DEV Academy.

  • Andi

    Hi Freerunner

    I think you have to do that by yourself or build a community around that job as I think many more here in the community would like to have such a feature integrated into the WPMUDEV plugin Marketpress as it is already since years available for WOOOCOMMERCE. With such a kind of integration into marketpress especially multishop sites in an etsy style could create complete new and interesting revenue streams - t-shirt printing, cup printing, namecards etc.

    facyproduct designer is NOT a 3D javascript anyway so it mightnot fir your specific needs but it could work as an example on how to integrate it in marketpress, and than do the same with the 3D javascript(s) you have in mind. The process would be more or less always the same!

    The fancy product designer is indeed working in wordpress actually can work in any wordpress site.

    We could even try to integrate it into marketpress but the problem is that we ourself have no access to marketpress git and that it won't make much sense to contribute without having access to it. We are using the javascript version of fancyproduct designer ourself. It is a great plugin but has only one problem that you can't actually properly print/publish designs as the pdf which gets generated is not producing scalable sizes. To get this working it has to be adjusted with some additional pdf creation stuff.

    Unfortunately also here the same problem like with wpmudev plugin that you can't really contribute and speed up development or feature requests. The dev of fancy product designer which is available at Themeforest and subsites, wrote us already that this won't get integrated which makes the fancy product designer more or less useless for any print/publishing business , which want to process directly the creation of the customer.

    There is already an integration for woocommerce available which you could actually take to learn by doing and copying on how they connected to the products and simply do the same in marketpress.

    I think the only way to get such features really working on time would be to host the marketpress plugin yourself on git and ask community members to contribute to it creating a more feature rich marketpress branch. This way you could also create several branches and won't mess up with the original marketpress plugin.

    It is GPL2 so you won't have to worry about licensing as long as you keep the same license. For integrating fancyproductdesigner I would recommend taking the wordpress plugin and NOT the javascript plugin to avoid licensing problems as the wordpress plugin is already - simply has to be - again GPL2 so you can combine the two efforts into one marketpress with productdesigner.

    Kind regards


  • Freerunner

    HI Djohns,

    I have been using Fancy Product Designer with WooCommerce for 2 years now on another WordPress website and love it, but I wasn't sure if it would integrate well with MarketPress. I will need to try it and see. However, I know that Fancy Product Designer is developed for WooCommerce and is made to integrate with it for a lot of its features, so I am not sure how that will work. I really want to see a product designer within MarketPress so we have a way to have customizer in a global multisite of stores.

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