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When it comes to Wordpress I am self taught, I know what I want it to do but then struggle as to what is the best method within WP to use, I then end up sitting through endless tutorials and developing websites to evaluate which is the best method.

The functionality I now want is straight forward, best described by example:

1) Define a Product e.g. Car
2) This Product then has endless attributes e.g. Colour
3) The values of the attributes can be defined e.g. White, Blue, Red etc
4) When creating a record for the Product then the attributes are a drop down list
5) When querying the Product then want the user to be able to choose values from a drop down list for each attribute and, Walla, all Products that match the chosen attribute values are displayed!!!

A simple basic requirement, very easily done in Drupal or using any basic RDBMS such as MySQL or Oracle, the attributes values are saved in slowly changing dimension tables and a relationship created back to the Product dimension table.

However, my customer wants to stick with Wordpress, I have done nothing to try and dissuade them so far. The decider will be the volume of records.

Assuming the volume of records will not break Wordpress's ability to retrieve data from the database I would appreciate guidance on how best to implement the above functionality, the following is what I am setting up and evaluating, this is where I need the feedback:

1) PODS or CustomPress
Set up the dimension Product as a Custom Type
Set up each slowly changing dimension as a Custom Type and create relation back to Product e.g. Custom Type 'Colour' relates back to Product custom field 'Colour'

2) Gravity Forms
Have not started yet, but probably the wrong choice, do not know as have not gone through all tutorials and used it in earnest.

3) MarketPress by WPMU Dev and (PODS or CustomPress)
MarketPress has the Product Custom Type set up
Would use PODS or CustomPress to set up slowly changing dimensions as Custom Types with relationships back to the Products Custom Type

4) With all of the above what is the best method to:
Specify a query based on values chosen for a slowly changing dimension Custom Type?
Extract and display the Products based on the values specified.

Would be grateful for guidance on the above options and queries.

Kind regards,

  • Aaron

    Hmmm, I don't know of any system in WordPress that will support this level of selection. Taxonomies can be heirarchal, but they do not allow that kind of dynamic relationships. In MarketPress you can support variations of a product, but not by multiple attributes, especially interlinked ones.

    Having said that, WP is highly extendable as well as our MarketPress plugin. It is definitely technically possible to custom code a solution that integrates with MarketPress to add an attribute selection to products like you describe. We can't do custom coding for you, but if you have any techincal integration questions with our plugins we are here to help.

    Best of luck!

  • mroracle

    Hello Aaron,

    Your reply is very helpful and was what I was expecting i.e. This basic functional requirement pushes Wordpress pass its limits.

    Within my customer base this requirement comes up a lot, whenever it does I always advise to use a non-WP solution.

    The customer has been pushing me to find a WP solution but it is simply not cost effective compared to the non-WP options available.

    This requirement comes up an awful lot, I would like to suggest that WPMU Dev consider developing a plugin for this requirement, would be a great enhancement for MarketPress or the CustomPress plugins.

    This would stop customers moving to non-WP options and keep them on WP which is in WPMU Devs interest.

    Kind regards,

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