Can MarketPress work from more than one site

Hi Folks,

I am wondering if I can use MarketPress from more than one site without duplicating the effort.

Here is what I have in mind:

Site A and Site B are "product" websites that are focused to different groups, but share common products.

Site C is a SSL site where I want to have a secure checkout. It could also be used by the visitor to add suggested (related) products to their cart.

The key here is that I want to use Site C for checkout from both Site A and Site B.

If it is easier, I can set all the sites up in Multi-site (assuming there are no problems with that and the SSL for Site C).

The primary goal is to only have to setup the products ONCE (I'm guessing in Site C) and then to be able to display the info for them on Site A and B with SSL checkout on Site C.

All three sites can be on MarketPress theme if need be.

Any advice or ideas are appreciated!

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    Thanks - that sounds encouraging.

    I have played around with using multisite and redirecting external domains into it (which is what I would need to do here since the Site A and Site B each have their own registered domains).

    Hopefully this will work out just the way I need it to.


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    Thanks Arun - I'll give it a try.

    One question though.

    If Site C is an HTTPS ( SSL ) site and the other two are not, am I going to run into a scenario where a visitor gets warnings in their browser about some info coming in from an SSL site and some not, or will using the shortcodes (as opposed to direct linking) take care of that?

    I'm guessing the shortcodes will just cause the content to be generated as if it all originates from Site A or B, just wanting to be sure.

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