Can member profile fields be customized/added?

I thought the Membership plugin allowed for creating custom fields that could be made part of the registration process in Wordpress. I'm not seeing that described in the documentation or dashboard of features. Am I missing something?

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    Hiya @cjj

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    No, you are quite right: Membership does not have the functionality allowing you to add fields to the registration process. It was designed to keep registration/subscription as easy as possible for your users.

    However, I can suggest an alternative. Install the Profile Builder plugin (you only need the free version for this):

    On the page you set at "Registration completed page" in "Membership Page Options" (maybe give it name like "Account"), add the edit-profile shortcode from Profile Builder, and the renewform shortcode from Membership. (Do not use the login/registration features from Profile Builder as they will conflict with Membership).

    This way, as soon a new member registers on your site, they are redirected to their "Account" page where they can complete their profile, and view their upgrade options. Also add a link to that page in your site navigation so they can easily find it when they want to update things.

    If you really need more than the default fields, go for the premium version of the plugin. But, be careful which features you enable as some may conflict with the Membership plugin.

    Hope this helps! And thanks for being a member :slight_smile:

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