Can Membership Do the Following?

Hi there,

I'm hoping that I can get Membership to do all the things I'm needing in a membership plugin after running into roadblocks with S2 Member and Wishlist Member.

So I'm going to list off some questions here that I am looking to accomplish with Membership. Can it do these things? And if so, how?

1. When a user joins the site, can User Registration emails be set up and configured to go out to our office indicating who joined and at what level?

2. I've read in forums posts like this one ( ) that it was at one time possible to add an add-on called Integrated WP Roles to Membership that allowed for the management of Wordpress user roles for Membership member levels. Is this still possible? I don't see add-ons anywhere in my version of the plugin and don't see the ability to configure user roles with Membership. I need this in order to have Membership's member levels be visible to WP-Types/Views/CRED/Access, which I am using to manage an array of custom post types and the dynamic display of that content. I need certain member levels to be able to work with their own inputted info via Types/Views, and yet without having WP user roles connected to Membership member levels, the Access plugin can't "see" the Membership members.

3. Is it possible to direct different member levels to different pages upon registration completion and normal login? It looks like I only have the option of sending users to one page -- no matter their membership level. Is it possible to get more granular with the control of different member levels and what those member levels' users see when they login to their account?

4. As far as the multi-site functionality goes, with Membership can I have a member sign up for a certain member level on one site in the network and have that membership level be recognized and configurable (in terms of what content they can access) on one of the other sites in the network?

Thank you SO MUCH for all the great support provided in these forums. If I haven't been clear enough with these questions, please let me know and I'll clarify as best as I can.