Can Membership Do This?

Hi guys,

I've outgrown my existing proprietary CMS and after consideration have opted for a Wordpress/BuddyPress combination. I would like to use the 'Membership' plugin to handle paid areas of my new site.

At the minute a visitor to my site needs to register first (to create their profile) and then gets full access to the site. They then have 14 days to become a premium member (paid member) before the premium areas of my site become restricted. Basically, a user registers, gets a free 14 day trial, then either pays to continue with the premium features or is restricted from accessing these paid areas.

From what I have seen the 'Membership' plugin takes over the standard registration page, meaning the visitor has to subscribe (pay) first before they can register (create their profile). What I need is for the visitor to be able to register (create their profile first), get full access to the site, and then restrict access after 14 days if they choose not to become a premium member during this time.

Is this all possible with 'Membership'? If so can somebody please explain what I need to do to accomplish this? Sorry if I have misinterpreted the process of how 'Membership' works, any help greatly appreciated.


  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    Sure, that's entirely possible. You simply need to create a level which has all the right access rules in it.

    Then, add that to a new subscription. When you do so select "Finite" from the available options and enter 14 days as the period.

    You then need to add the same level again, this time choosing different options for the time period, and setting your price.


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