Can Membership provide single post access ?

I have a newsletter/subscription site with solid SEO. We publish 2-3 posts/week and we have a very high monthly subscription cost.

Right now, lots of people come to the site via search engines to view just one article, and I’d like to expand our subscription offering so that they have the option to purchase a “content pass” that would allow them to see just the article content they were looking for, rather than requiring a very expensive subscription.

Can I set this up with Membership?

Thank you!

  • phillcoxon
    • The Crimson Coder

    From what I’ve seen with Membership so far it wouldn’t be the ideal model to protect articles on an individual basis because you’d have to create a new access level for every one.

    The Pay Per View plugin sounds more like what you need but then you’d need a way to let it over-ride Membership’s standard protection.

    Interesting question – I’m looking forward to seeing if the staff have a clever plan up their sleeves.

  • Brian Purkiss
    • Smushie Pies

    I do believe the Pay Per View plugin would be a better fit.

    The Membership plugin would require that you set up an access level and subscription for each individual page that you want to provide access for. And users would only be able to purchase one subscription at a time.

    The Pay Per View plugin on the other hand would be automatic. You set the page to require a purchase, and everything happens automatically. They’d purchase access to that individual page, and have access for the set amount of time. And they could purchase access to as many or as few pages as they choose.

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