Can Membership set the user role for each user that joins?

I set up another membership plugin and didn't like how it works so I'm going to give Membership Pro a go to see if I can use it with Bainternet Posts Creation Limits. URL for it here:
(I was told that Posting limits will be available in the next Membership beta.)
But I need to do it now. the way the plugin tells if you can post is by user level and each user level in the plugins settings you setup the amount of times and days until it resets the user can post. or in my case with the theme I'm using create a GIG.
So I use a plugin called User Role Editor I basically copy the subscriber user role and give it another name.
for example:

Is there a way for membership Pro to set the user role for each user that joins?
when the user logs in and picks the Gold membership the user will be assigned the Gold_subscriber user role.