Can Mulit-DB operate in production BEFORE tables are moved to new DBs?

I’m just now in the process of moving to multi-db… I understand the basic principal of how it works, although I admit I haven’t totally digested the code yet… So I apologize that the answer to this question exists if I just read the code… :slight_smile:

Can you run the multi-db code in production BEFORE you start to move the tables/blogs over to the multiple DBs?

It seems to me that you can’t really do this… my minimal testing/reading of the code seems to suggest that you really have to do the DB move before using this code.

But, it also seems like you might be able to set up your “old” data base as the global database, and list every table as a global table and run in that mode. As you copy things over to the new hashed databases, then you could remove from the global list…

What’s the realistic best approach to do this?

Oh yeah… I have about 6000 blogs.