can Multi-DB use less than 16 databases? Would i benefit from this Multi-DB? How else can i speed up

we have a huge database (several Gigs) on our two sites as it is a newspaper, would i benefit from using Multi-DB

How else can i speed up my site?

I have a limit of 10 databases 5 of which are being used 1 of those 5 is my wordpress database. I have created 5 databases for use with Multi-DB what do i do?

  • Tom Eagles


    By default the minimum is 16 , due to the structure of the plugin i am guessing maybe 4 would be the absolute minimum but would need to confirm this with the developer who i am tagging for his feedback. The only other way to increase the speed of your site would be to use caching, however this brings its own unique issues when it comes to developing your site as you have too keep switchig it on and off as you make changes. (its a good solution for a site that doesnt change too much)


  • Tom Eagles

    Hi @John

    Sorry for the huge delay on this it was an old ticket so didnt get spotted when you replied.

    Multidb is now no longer being actively developed, to be honest unless you have a very high traffic site I wouldn't use any database style plugin.

    If you really need it I would look into scaling using HyperDB and external MySQL servers, which basically sets one server as a master which people write to, and then the reads are load balanced across the external MySQL servers.

    Have a look at this great article

    I have used similar setups to this on several occasions with awesome results

    Its a much more flexible approach and fully scaleable and no need for multidb, the key draw back with multi db compared to this approach is that you still have the mysql server normally in most cases on the same server as your WP site so if it goes down for any reason then your whole site does, Using hyperdb and multiple MySQL servers reduces this.

    You can even add a secondary web server as per the second link above as an added safety net.

    In one particular case I even went so far as to add a backup site that was not in the same datacenter which the main ones all replicated to in case the DataCenter with the main ones had major issues. The load balancing and everything was all handled via Sucuri.

    Hope this helps.


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