Can multiple membership levels access the same content?

Hi Folks,

Can I have an area of protected content that is accessible by more than membership level?

For example if I have four levels:

* Group A

* Group B

* Group C

* Group D

I want to have certain areas of the site be accessible to anyone with a Group B level.

Then some areas of the site might require a Group B level to access them and others still a Group C level to access them.

However I want to have the entire site be available to Group A level members.

The other possibility might be that I would want a Group D that could access multiple levels ( like a mix of Group A and Group B content), but still not have full site access like the Group A level provides.

Is this possible with Membership?

Also (before someone suggests it), I can not use the PPV plugin to do this since it relies on cookies. I need the ability to control the access based on the login.