Can multiple subsites use a single child theme?

I have a WPMU network where each subsite is the same -- except for colors, logo, and some content. I have been running about 20 subsites off of a single child theme (which makes it very easy to manage), but am now wondering is this is a bad idea.

Can I run multiple subsites off of a single child theme, or am I better off giving each subsite its own child theme?


  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey Larry,

    If you don't expect to need to make any template changes to a specific site then yes it's an efficient way to manage everything :slight_smile:

    The downside is if you wanted to make a template change or add a snippet to functions.php for a specific site, any changes there would affect all sites. Same with changes to the style.css file; however, you can use the Custom CSS area within the WordPress Customizer on each subsite so any site specific styles can go in there and won't affect other sites using the same theme.

    There are some PHP snippet plugins that allow you to add snippets from the admin area, but they do pose a risk since if you make any mistakes with the code it could bring down your site and you would need to correct it in the DB or files. Our Snapshot plugin should help with that, then you can always just revert to your most recent backup if any mistakes were to happen.

    Hope that helps!

    If you have any further questions on that just let us know.


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