Can not add new page in Scholar Theme


I am running the latest WPMU with latest buddy press and I have the scholar theme installed. I have been concentrating on getttng BP and theme options configured no problem there.

I now want to add a few extra pages support etc. When I go to add page and hit publish I get an error
"Your attempt to edit this page: “example” has failed.

Please try again."

I have never seen this before. I have tried different templates for the page, nothing will let me create a page. Can anyone help please?


  • Tammie
    • WordPress Wizard

    @gwebbie: First up can we have a link to see your site please and what are you running? Wordpress? WordPress Mu and / or BuddyPress? There is no known bug about pages and infact a theme wouldn't interact like that so it's more than likely something else so lets get down to basics and get all plugins turned off please (keep buddypress if using it). Then can you try again with all plugins off and if that doesn't do it turn off the Scholar theme and put on the default buddypress theme (assuming you are using buddypress) and see if you still get it. Once you have some results from this please report back with a link to your site if you can.

  • gwebbie
    • WPMU DEV Initiate


    Link to site

    OK I have tried all the above and it appears that it is group calendar that it causing an issue.

    Heres what I did

    deactivated all plugins except buddy press, still can not create page

    Activated buddypress default theme, I could create page

    Went back to Scholar without plugins and could create page

    reactivated group calendar and now can not create page, but heres a weird thing I noticed that pages I had been trying to create were saved as drafts and if I edit them to published they work! Even with all the plugins back installed.

    So as it is I can create pages just with a bit of extra work.

    I dont know if any of this makes any sense.

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