Can not change from Custom Styling

I use The Daily Theme and want to change looking by adjusting from "Custom Styling"

In multisite admin's site, it does not change anything even though I adjusted it from "Custom Styling"

But in other site I can change looking from "Custom Styling"

It means in admin's site "Custom Styling" does not work
in other sites "Custom Styling" works.

Why is this happened??
Do you think any reason??

Thank you

  • Alexander

    Hi @Taichi,

    I've just tested this and it's working for me. Is the issue that the custom values aren't saving? Or that they aren't being applied afterwards?

    This could be a plugin conflict. You might have something preventing the styles from loading. You can test this by deactivating all your other plugins temporarily.

    Also, if you have any cacheing plugins installed, it could be leaving out your custom styles during any minification somehow. Clearing the cache might help this.

    Best regards,

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