Can not get Integrated video tutorials to activate

I have upgraded my account but it will not let me use the new plug in. Video tutorials is why i up graded if it does not work I would like a refund!

  • Alexander

    Hi Cory,

    With a Silver membership, you can use the videos on 5 sites.

    Can you please explain what problem you're having? When does the plugin stop working? Does it activate?

    We'll need to make sure the API is enabled for the domain of the site you're working with. You can check this here:

    Another thing you can try is reconnecting your API key. First, remove the exisinting connection by clicking the "EDIT" link next to your API key in the WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin. (See screenshot) Then login again, and be sure to choose "Already a member"

    If this doesn't help, please let me know in detail what problem you are having, and I can look into it for you.

    Best regards