Can not override theme and CSS...does not read in header...

Just got this plug-in and found it extremely hard to figure it out how to override the theme. So I followed instruction to copy archive-question.php edit-answer.php edit-question.php single-question.php user-question.php and ask-question.php into my theme folder.

And in my header, I have this code to make sure when user on these page, load these css files and js files. That I can customize the theme according to which page user is on. Here is the code:

`<?php if (is_page_template('archive-question.php') OR is_page_template('edit-answer.php') OR is_page_template('edit-question.php') OR is_page_template('single-question.php') OR is_page_template('user-question.php') OR is_page_template('ask-question.php')) { ?>
<link href="<?php bloginfo( 'template_url' ); ?>/css/qanda.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
<?php } ?>`

I always use this code to do all the other page I used customized template php for. But it does not work for any of the Q&A php files. It does not load my css files or my js files...

How can I make all the Q&A load the css file I designed and start modify the default css file, php files in the plug-in