Can not remove huge product pic at the top of Product Category Page above product list

Hello on each product categories page there is a giant partial image of one of my products, at the top of the page, covering the first item in the list of products.This happens to be in the "Icon Store Style" but it's the same in the "Custom Style" setting. How do I remove this huge image at the top of the page ? Also How do I make the font brighter in the Product Category Name ? It's hard to read. I did buy the Framemarket Theme today, but I could not use it, and had to go back to the one that I am using now, because Framemarket had no way to make it "Full Width Page". I just got a narrow page when viewing, but in the front end of the editor, it looked Full Page when editing, until i went to view the page, then it would go back to narrow page view. Do you know anything about that ? Please Help ! I attached a screen shot pic