Can NOT see wp-admin/network/ dashboard anymore


I can no longer see my network admin dashboard. All I get is a white blank page.

I CAN log into the admin area and all functions within the site admin dashboard are working.

I’m not sure what lead to this.

I upgraded the network to WP 3.2.1 but I could still access the network admin after that.

I installed backupbuddy plugin, which did not have an impact

I’ve been trying out a few new themes on the main network site

Lastly upgraded all WMPUDEV plug ins including moving from Supporter to Pro-Sites.

I’ve checked the serve error logs which show no clues. No errors on this site.

Anyway now I’m stuck without a network admin dashboard,

What can I do?

many thanks,


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    Problem solved by my webhost:

    Hello Ralf,

    The problem is that the index page contains the following code:


    There are actually 3 index files: index.htm, index.html, & index.php. The .HTM and the .HTML will be executed before the PHP file. And considering both of those other index pages have that nearly empty code, nothing is displayed on the page.

    If you were to manually navigate to the PHP file, it would pull up:


    I have moved the bad index files out of the way for you. I have renamed them to: index.htm.old & index.html.old

    Best regards,

    Jacob T.

    ServInt MST

    Just wondering how those index pages got in there in the first place?

    Oh Well…..

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