Can not select Taxonomy for importing Feeds

Hello I'm trying to configure Autoblog in such a way it will import certain feeds into an Custom Post Type.

I can select the custom post type without any problem. So far so good!

I have a bunch of Custom Post Types that are all linked to the same Custom Taxonomy (category) called Key Sector. This Taxonomy is used for filtering the Post Types on the related sector.

I can select the Taxonomy Type "Key sectors", but when I want to select the category i want the Feed to be imported into... i can only choose "None" or "Uncategorised"!!!!
While there are already categories / key sectors entered. I do need to select one of those... How can i solve this issue?

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hey HaV,

    Hope you're doing well today :slight_smile:

    I had a look at your site and see that the feed from above screenshot has cat7 selected, and other three feeds are also showing categories in dropdown.
    I'm a bit confused what the exact issue is now, can you tell me if there are any specific steps I can follow in order to see this issue?

    Best regards,

  • HaV
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Predrag, cat7 is selected as I was testing around myself too.

    What i now noticed is that the option "Assign post to this category" only offers the categories from the standard WordPress Categories Taxonomy.

    But in my case I would like to select the taxonomy "Key Sectors" and would like to select one of the already entered categories from that ''Key Sectors" hierachial taxonomy type and not from the standard WordPress categories type.

  • HaV
    • Flash Drive

    In other words, I want to select "Key Sectors" as "Treat feed categories as"

    Next step would be to select e.g. "Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals" as the "Assign post to this category" , as this is an existing category in "Key Sectorrs". But the dropdown only offers options to select from the WordPress Categories Taxonomy type.

    Does this help to make the issue more clear?

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi HaV,

    Thanks for the additional info, I understand what you're trying to accomplish now.

    The thing is that these two options aren't actually supposed to work that way.

    "Treat feed categories as" allows you to select where existing categories will be added, so let's say you post has cat1 and cat2 on source, those categories will be added to selected taxonomy.

    "Assign posts to this category" option will add categories from your site to imported post, it's not related to above option.

    It does sound useful to have an option to select custom taxonomy to be assigned to post on import so I will move this thread to our features & feedback section so developers can consider adding such option in future updates.

    Best regards,

    • HaV
      • Flash Drive

      Well to be honest I think it is a huge missing feature that do exist in other Importers... I love AUTOBLOG for it being stable in the tests i've done in the past and fully developed the design of the portal i'm working on based upon the key sector taxonomy.
      Meaning I will have to go back to the drawing table... there is no temporarly work around? As I look at the option As "Assign posts to this category" ... any idea if I can work around something that i can use the key sector taxonomy instead of the default categories taxonomy of WordPress.

      Looking at "Treat feed categories as" doesn't make sense to me... If i'm correct there i can select one of my custom taxonomies without any problem... and do i understand it good that it works as follows:
      I set it the the custom taconomy "CTAX" which already has cat1, cat2, cat3, cat4 ... when the feed is imported it checks if there is a cat1, cat2, cat3 or cat4 also in the imported RSS post? if so it will link it the the corresponding cat? But no option to set it manually?

      If it will become a feature... what would be a possible ETA? I know it is hard guess.. but any idea? I have the feeling I need to search for a replacement of AUTOBLOG at this moment ... ?

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello HaV!

    I set it the the custom taconomy "CTAX" which already has cat1, cat2, cat3, cat4 ... when the feed is imported it checks if there is a cat1, cat2, cat3 or cat4 also in the imported RSS post? if so it will link it the the corresponding cat? But no option to set it manually?

    That would be correct. In a standard WP install you can only select "Categories" or "Tags" for "Treat feed categories as option. If there are any custom taxonomies, they show up there too. Then the plugin looks into imported feed and adds the item to the corresponding "category" (taxonomy value to be exact) or - if "Add ony that do not exists" option is enabled it creates one if necessary.

    Changing this so it worked the way you would want it to work, would require either changes in plugin's core files or a custom add-on. That means a custom development which would be a bit outside the scope of this support forum so if it's very urgent you might want to ask for a custom coded add-on on our "Jobs & Pros" job board (please note: no WPMU DEV staff involved!) here:

    As for adding this as a feature. Since this post is already in our "Features & Feedback" forum, let's hope that more Members of our community will vote for it. Features like this are usually being added to our plugins upon community requests so if the idea gets more support from members, our developers will consider implementing it in one of the future releases of the plugin. I'm not able to give you a promise on that or an ETA though as it mostly depends on how much support it gains from community.

    Kind regards,

    • HaV
      • Flash Drive

      Hello Adam,
      thank you for your additional info... At this moment i'm testing some other plugins for importing feeds which do have this type of option.

      I still think this is a huge missed option... there must be more people who don't want their standard post type fully overloaded with rss posts... but who am i do decide / judge :wink: ... so let's hope more people will think the same.

      I would love to see it in the AUTOBLOG plugin... but waiting for an addon or contacting an additional developer is out of reach for me at this moment.

  • E.g John
    • New Recruit

    I added the line below to
    and the story categories are showing up now on admin panel in the dropdown for
    "Assign posts to this category"

                <td valign="top" class="heading"><?php esc_html_e('Assign posts to this category', 'autoblogtext') ?></td>
                <td valign="top">
                    <?php if (function_exists('switch_to_blog')) switch_to_blog($this->blog) ?>
                    <?php wp_dropdown_categories(array(
                        'hide_empty' => 0,
                        'name' => 'abtble[category]',
                        'orderby' => 'name',
                        'selected' => $this->category,
                        'hierarchical' => true,
                        'show_option_none' => __('None', 'autoblogtext'),
                        'class' => 'field cat',
    					'taxonomy'   => $this->feedcatsare 
                    )) ?>
                    <?php if (function_exists('restore_current_blog')) restore_current_blog() ?>
                    <?php echo $this->_tips->add_tip(__('Assign this category to the imported posts.', 'autoblogtext')) ?>

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