Can not use themes

I'm wanting to change the display on this page: to 3 products per row and
can't seem to change and choose a template that will do that. As it says I
need to upgrade.

I'm also trying to figure out if I can have the feature of providing
shipping quotes by zip codes or not. Can I do this with on of your plugins?

Also with this website the client wants to let the client personalized their
card and direct ship as a gift or have the ability to send them to
themselves. Can I do this with your plugins and this shopping cart?

Also on this product:
we want to be able let the client have another option of picking what cards
they want for their package of 3 cards and 5 cards from the cards I have
above. Can we do this with your shopping cart? OR would this be custom
work? If so, cost and can you do it? OR do you know of someone that can?

Please help with this ASAP.

Thank you,

Julie Johnson