Can one input directory on a seperate database (wordpress site) for Directory plugin?

I am looking to have users register their information for the Directory plugin on one wordpress site (populating the database) AND have subscribers access that information from another wordpress site (running the Directory Plugin).

The fields which I would use to gather information on the first site would be the same custom fields used in the directory. Wanting to upload video links (like youtube embed codes) rather than images.

Can this work with directory plugin? And how?

  • david10
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    Do you know if it would be "relatively easy" to design a custom script that would extract data from a directory installed on the main site to be used on user individual sites?

    I would like site owners to input their data in a directory on the main site but also have that same information listed on a page/post on their site (using custom post type templates).

    Or would it be easier to extract it from directories (with just one entry) on individual sites to the main site.

    It's helpful to have the information in both places and I'm looking to avoid site owners having to enter and update the information in 2 locations.

  • david10
    • Flash Drive

    I had played around briefly with RSS and autoblog but thought I saw somewhere that post indexer (and therefore the RSS feed for the custom post type) doesn't include custom taxonomies and custom fields which is where all the data for the custom post type is stored.

    Thanks for the idea on using import/export.

    When Pods 2.0 is out I think it may do exactly what I need.

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