can options from previous version of pop up be added back to New version

Hi guys great job on the new version of PopUp Pro
I have a popup that was created with the previous version of pop Up pro
I like the look of the pop up and it works for what I am using the popup for
here is what I am doing I installed a plugin called global content bock
and I have added iframe code to load a external url from now splash wizard is a respnsive website that responds to the screen size which works very well with the pop up and looks awesome

but the new version of popup pro
does not allow the popup to look awesome or at least I have not been able to figure out how to make it look as good as it does using the default setting under appearance > Select which style you want to use: > default

here is my thought maybe you can add an option to us an external url for a pop up and set the width and height and so it can look as awesome as the first example I have showed you and I would not have to use the global content block plugin that would be one less function I would have to coordinate