Can Portfolio Items Interact with Directory Members

We are testing the plugin Directory for our site on wellness and beauty. We use the theme Enfold by Kriesi. Our directory members like to display photos of their work. Can the Directory plugin interface with Portfolio Items in a way that will allow us to 1) associate a Portfolio Item with a specific directory member; 2) allow those members to upload their own portfolio items and 3) link the ability to upload and display portfolio items to pre-defined membership levels (for example, a free membership would not be able to upload and display portfolio items; different levels of paid membership would be able to display varying numbers of portfolio items)

  • shawn

    Tom -

    Thanks for your quick response. We are just learning the Membership and Directory plugins. I can't say we have them dialed in yet so we are open to any suggestions you have. We are trying to integrate Membership levels with different capabilities in the directory, which probably isn't that complex but we are struggling with it a little.

    We will have 3 tiers of Membership for professionals - a free listing and two upgrades, call them silver and gold. The free listing will be able to publish name and address only. The paid listings will have other data points including a profile, a profile picture and portfolio items.

    You can see that the Portfolio items can be a cost differentiator for us. A free listing would get none. A silver listing could have a limited number. While a gold listing could have unlimited.



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