Can Pro Site work on Multisite to offer multiple theme groups

We are doing a BuddyPress/Multisite website that will of course have the social profile page for each user, but are wanting to also let users have/make their own website with the MU side.

Users will have 4 diferent website/theme groups to pick from, each group will have their own theme design selections.

We also want each of the 4 theme groups to be able to have upgrades options.

I know Pro Sites is more for upgrade levels, can it be setup for just groups to get themes?

In other words Can one MU site handle 4 different theme groups and still offer upgrades for each group? or do we need 1 BuddyPress site and 4 Multisites?

If 4 MU sites are needed, will the "User Synchronization" plugin work between the BuddyPress (Master site) and each MU site (Subsite) it is showing only:

WordPress 3.5.2

Is it possible for "User Synchronization" Plugin to set and add both automatic, the profile page and add a site via MU?

  • Elliott Bristow

    Hi @carolsoo,

    Pro Sites can offer this functionality if used alongside our New Blog Templates plugin. Basically, Por Sites will handle the subscription side of things (taking payment, unlocking Pro Status for upgrades etc) and when a user sets up a new sub-site, NBT takes over and lets them pick from the themes you specify, which can include pre-made pages, posts and settings specific to that template.

    Regarding User Synchronisation, this plugin is designed to work across separate sites and doesn't quite do what you're looking for in a Multisite environment. My suggestion would be to use this plugin instead:

    That will allow you to assign default roles to users across the network when they sign up.

    Hope that helps!

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