Can pro sites cause server cpu request issues

Yesterday I reinstalled pro sites on my multisite
Since then i am going over my server cpu limit
To many request from within wordpress, my host analysed.

Can pro site cause this?
Or can it be some other plugin issues that are not getting solved?

When i run a p3 plugin performance scan, the pro site and the upfront are way ahead in heavy performance amoungst the plugins.
Any tips how to tackle this?

  • Dimitris

    Hey there Renaat,

    hope you're doing good and thanks for reaching us! :slight_smile:

    I don't think that Pro Sites should create such load for your server, are there any issues considering Pro Sites?

    Could you please ask your hosting provider for any logs that may reveal the source of it?
    Or is this already done and narrowed down to Pro Sites? Please advise!

    Inspecting your website and specifically the performance report from Hummingbird here
    I noticed a very slow server response time though.

    I can see that you've already using SiteGround's SuperCacher plugin and that's pretty strange.
    I'd rather advise to perform a theme/plugin conflict test, keeping Hummingbird active all the time and retesting performance and especially the server response time.
    Here's a nice flow chart that can help you with that:

    If this has no effect, I'd rather try to update the PHP version to 7.0.x (you should be able to do so via cPanel) and contact SiteGround once more about this slow response from their end.

    Let us know about your results on this!
    Warm regards,

  • Avatar

    An update,
    see screenshots
    I dont know where WPMUDEV is on the help on my other ticket, but issues are being checked with an Hustle problem on my install. The WPMUDEV coder want to ceck my server ..... no idea what they are doing.
    Anyway, the Hustle issue is not solved yet, and the cpu is going over the roof.
    A montth ago I tweaked all so nice, all great scores in wpmudev and GTMetrix, now all a mess.
    I hope to here what I can do,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Renaat!

    Information from screenshots are pointing quite clearly to the "admin-ajax.php" script. I noticed that there's a Chat plugin installed on your site. This plugin is making a heavy use of AJAX and the number of "on going" admin-ajax queries suggest that this might be a culprit.

    Please go to the "Chat -> Settings Common -> Poll Intervals" and and whatever the "Select Polling Source Type" option is set to (though I expect it to be currently set to "WordPress AJAX") try switching it to the other available option, then see if that lowers resource usage.

    To further limit it, you might then increase poll intervals a bit on the same page. They are set in seconds so e.g. if it's 1 second everywhere, try setting it to 4 or 5.

    Let me know about results, please.

    Kind regards,

  • Avatar

    To make clear, you think that a plugin that is installed but not activated on my network is causing this? Can be, just letting you know that it is not activated.

    Further do I remind that admin-ajax.php slow site issues were reported to me on the 24th, then the Support told me that not so much was there to be done. The measured Ajax scripts were Upfront related !
    ------ full path, and screenshot
    Since those three issues give me a four seconds delay, I was wondering if and how I can solve them.
    The three are Upfront related:
    - upfont load grid
    - upfront element style
    - upfront element scripts
    Looking forward to have your take on this,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Renaat!

    I didn't know that Chat wasn't active.

    I was sure that I did let you know that I wasn't able to access the site but I see now that I missed that information in my previous post. I'm sorry about that. Without accessing the site I can only see that it's installed and a lot of such ajax calls is quite typical to it. That's why I suggested it. However, as it's inactive it turns out to be the "missed shot".

    I'm still not able to access the site as I'm only getting the "403 Forbidden error", both when I try to visit the site as a not-logged in user and when I try to use support access that looks like it was enabled. I didn't think of Upfront, I admit, as it wasn't mentioned anywhere in this thread before, the screenshots doesn't show what the calls are related to and I can't check the site from inside.

    That being said, I'm really sorry if I caused confusion here. I understand that you host pointed out Upfront as a source of these excessive ajax calls, is that right? Or is there any other thread of your related to this on our forum (if it is, please direct me to it)? It would be best if I could check the list of these specific calls so if your host can provide them, please share them with me. It would be even better if I could access and check your site but I assume it's temporarily down or blocked - is there any chance to let me access and examine it?

    Kind regards,

  • Avatar

    Hi Adam
    Thanks for getting back on this,
    At this moment, I cant give any access anymore, since yesterday evening, my shared hosting cpu ran to high and the host stepped in and closed it. Only I have access and I hope soon to be online again.
    My take on this, I experience lots of issues, non host related, for months. It seems that wpmudev support is willing, but not pinpointing the issues. Many wpmudev plugins are showing strange issues on my multisite. WPMUDEV Coders entered the support, but ????
    Hustle had issues, serious issues, but?? asking and telling in this and other suport
    Upfront had issues on my install, but?? I was making the calls, nothing ....
    Hummingbird uptime site monitor had issues, but??? no support on how to fix it, nevertheless I called it.
    Lately I went on with pro sites and, now I am here. I posted this threat on pro site, since my last measurements showed a high performance issues of my pro site plugin and Upfront. After that I installed Heartbeat plugin, but to late. CPU overdoze,...

    I apprerciate you taking time for this.
    I do realize that i am a beginner, and with problems like that I need develpers who communicate with me. And do fix.
    Finally I learned how to read cpanel stats and see for myself what Ajax issues I messured with GTmetrix and now I can turn off and on each plugin myself and read my cpanel CPU stats.
    Wonder why wpmudev support didnt point me to cpanel stats. I was turning on and off plugins for weeks. Noticing slow server responses. Host told me all good on the server, look into your plugins. On wpmudev support i was lost. Threat after treat, Issue after issue. Solution after solution. Looking to troubleshoot, but more in the dark, and missing the real culpit in this game.
    So no blame to you, any help is welcome, although I must first get approval to get the limitation on access lifeted again.

    For the host, see screenshot, I do understand that they dont support my plugin development, and they gave me that info, and the advice to ask the plugin developer to check up. But it was m who recognized the same name from my days earlier post on Upfront and speed issues. So I called that one, but I have no idea what the WPMUDEV coders did check on my cpanel.

    ps, I have lots of DEBUG logs and I was thinking that coders who get access will read them, and I even uploaded some on one of the threats.

  • Dimitris

    Hey there Renaat,

    hope you're doing good today and I'm really sorry for the frustration here!
    Please keep in mind that I've already pinged my colleague James Morris to follow up with our SLS team about your Hustle issue and we'll do our best to resolve all of your issues.

    Could you please use a service like Dropbox or Google Drive to upload all of your debug logs and post the shareable link here in your next reply?
    We could then further review them and escalate them to our UF devs if necessary.

    I have to say that I also have a SiteGround shared account for testing (GoGeek package) and haven't noticed such load before, even using UF themes, having scheduled Snapshots trigger daily etc.
    I do get a slow server response time in Hummingbird's performance report though, just like your case.

    Warm regards,

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