Can sites live on different ip addresses and different domains?

I was just wondering how you would handle adding more IPs to a prosite setup or if that is even possible?

  • Alexander

    Hi @john_kesler,

    Well, this can get interestingly complicated. It's possible, but with a very advanced setup. Pro Sites is really just a Multisite plugin, so if it can be done with Multisite, Pro Sites will follow.

    By default, Wordpress is one installation that uses one database. This doesn't change. However, by using a load balancer, you can add more servers to the configuration. Each server would run a copy of all the PHP code. This allows you to take on more concurrent requests. All of these servers are still configured to use the same database, so the content is always the same.

    So generally no, you would normally get one IP per Wordress Multisite install, but with a larger backend infrastructure, you could scale Wordpress with multiple instances and a load balancer.

    Best regards

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