Can SMTP be configured for each site in Multisite?

I have a number of subsites that have contact forms and other features that generate emails. I want the emails to be sent from the subsite's domain rather than from the root site's domain. As i understand it, the default is that there is a single SMTP config for the whole network. How can I get each subsite to send its email from its domain? As currently configured, they end up in spam...

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Neil

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    There are two things that should be taken into account here. One is the SMPT configuration that you are asking about. To use SMTP in WordPress you need an additional plugin and if such plugin (e.g. our Branda) can be enbled "per site" instead of "network enabled" or it specifically has separate set of settings for sub-sites, you simply configure SMTP credentials in each sub-site separately and that should do the trick.

    But there's also another aspect and it's about what e-mails and how are being sent by the site, especially if those are notifications send by some plugins (that might e.g. not take default site address or not take address from admin account or just use some specific address). Having inconsistencies e.g. between address and real domains (that you can see in e-mail source) is one of the reasons for the messages ending up in spam (though not the only one).

    That being said, have you already tried our Branda and its SMTP settings module?

    Best regards,

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