can snapshot be activated on individual blogs in a multisite installation?

Here's the deal:
Snapshot is NOT network activated, so I tried going to a single site and activate it just for that one.
Well.. it wasn't even on the list!!!
Can anyone verify this?

  • Paul

    @aristath, Sure I'll verify it. When running under Multisite Snapshot does NOT provide an interface for individual site. It is ONLY accessible from the Network admin.

    There is a plan to return this option. In Snapshot 1.0 we were actually running Snapshot on every site. And the zip archive and related history were all stored on the site. But Multisite admins demanded we only make this Network available with the thought that only the network admin be able to backup the site. If the site owners wants to backup the site they can instead use the Tools > Export option.

    So now we are seeing similar requests to yours that we need to go back to allowing individual site owners the ability to run their own snapshots. This is being considered. But in the current version (2.0.2) Snapshot it only available via Network admin.

  • Paul

    @aristath, We are still going to go foreward with some solution to allow individual site backups by the site admin. But it will not be full backups. The site admin will only be able to backup their media files.

    One big concern about the backups were that site admins would walk away from the Multisite system. So we are looking at possible integration with out ProSites plugin. Meaning if you purchase a specific level in ProSites this will 'allow' you the ability to backup your site. By default the admin will not have this ability. We are sneaky. :slight_smile: