Can Snapshot be used to migrate to AWS?

Will Snapshot set up a site being migrated to AWS EC2? If I install Bitnami WordPress Multisite stack (which includes the server software, a LAMP stack), install Snapshot on the fresh WP install, can I then import a Snapshot backup, change the DNS pointing, and have a completely migrated WP site running on AWS, thus being able to tell my hosting company I'll just keep that $80/mo they are charging me...?

I understand the issues with using EC2...I read the WPMU blog post going over the pitfalls, but while I'm not a geek my partner is...sorta. Betwen us we have about 6-8 websites we are going to put on AWS and use them to work out the kinks, then start offering hosting as one of our services, and what seems a simple way to start would be to migrate our sites using Snapshot, if that is possible.

  • Paul


    Interesting concept. Having no knowledge or exactly how EC2 works I have to presume there is the standard file structure needed by WordPress. so you will have the standard /wp-content/uploads/snapshots/ folder where the archives will reside.

    Then I know AWS has the MySQL engine, forget the name of the product. This is also pretty much standard MySQL as WordPress does not run on anything else.

    So yeah I'm pretty sure you can do a restore of a snapshot archive into an EC2 instance. I don't have any specific details.

    Would very much like to her once your partner gets this figured out though. I have a few client sites I still host which are mostly static sites. They run WordPress but really I'm the one who manages the small edits. They don't really have a blog more just a business information site.

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