Can Snapshot now be used to migrate Multisite?

Back in August-Sept I attempted to migrate a multisite and ran into problems and started this thread:

Since then, I notice that there has been a critical update of Snapshot on 10/24/14 that changelog specifies greater multisite support.

I'm ready to give it another shot. Do you now feel that it has the multisite capabilities? If so, what specific steps should I take?

  • Ivan
    • HummingBird

    Hey antKat,

    Hope you are having great weekend so far!

    To be honest I am still kind of new guy here and wasn't able to test exactly the Multisite transfer with Snapshot yet.
    On a paper and the improvements Rheinhard made in October, there shouldn't be problems.

    It might be better to invite @Rheinard to the thread to share his insights.


  • Rheinard
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hi @antKat,

    Snapshot now handles migrations of multisite bette than it has before. A lot of path naming issues were improved. It is however still important to note the following:

    Snapshots are not network wide. Snapshots work best on a per site basis, the reason for this is that the sheer volume of some sites will cause PHP to stop execution as it will reach a timeout. The best way to migrate a network would be to:

    Step 1: Create Primary Site Snapshot
    Create a Snapshot of the primary site first and make sure you include all tables and files. This is important as you absolutely need to users if you want them to migrate too. Download the Snapshot zip (not the log's zip).

    Step 2: Restore Primary Site Snapshot on new network
    Install Snapshot on the new network. Make sure you copy your zipped Snapshot to the new network's wp-content/uploads/snapshots folder.

    Now on the new network go to the Snapshots plugin and use the "Import" feature. It will detect your Snapshot and make it available to restore. Then restore it.

    Make sure all your themes and plugins for your network are in place.

    Step 3: Sub-sites
    Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each of your sub-sites. Even these Snapshots zip files belong in /wp-content/uploads/snapshots

    For a larger network I can understand that this can be tedious to do for each of your sites. Fundamentally Snapshot was not built for migrations. Its more meant to be like what Time Machine is for Mac or System Restore points are for Windows. On a site-by-site basis.

    There are some big caveats in the migration however. Migrating a sub-site from one network to another network works reasonably well. Migrating from a single site to a sub-site on a network works, but may require some site settings to be corrected (depending on your site, sometimes this is not even required).

    But the big catch... migrating from a sub-site to a single site is not properly supported at this stage because of the table structures on network sites. The big issue is with users. Trying to migrate the primary site from a network to a single site will get you the users, but then migrating a sub-site will replace all those users. Snapshot is best used for a like-for-like basis.

    I hope this answers your questions.


  • antKat
    • HummingBird

    I tried to do the multisite migration as instructed on a site by site basis.
    Although the restore process for the main blog said it was successful, I cannot access anything on the site - I just get the error that the webpage has a redirect loop. I copied all tables and files as shown below.

    December 31, 2014 7:15 pm
    Tables: (all), 17 core, 100 other
    Files: (all) Themes, Plugins, Media

    A. What did I do wrong?
    B. What do I do now?

    Also, after I get this part resolved. I noticed that the restore requires an existing site to restore. How do I add the subsite archives one-by-one when they do not exist yet on the new site?

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