Can someone clarify when I should get email notifications in BP

Hi guys,
I just need someone to give me a definitive answer on when I should receive notifications in BP.

At the moment I have everything set to enable in notification settings yet there is a couple of things I'm not sure of.

I know I should only get an email for an @mention if it hits the activity stream, i.e. in an update.

However does this include forum posts. If I post an @mention at a test member on my site in a forum, then no email or notification is formed.

Also although I am getting mail notifications, should I also be getting a notification showing on my site in the user bar also?

If someone could test these for me then that would be great.

Make an @mention in a forum post and see if you get a notification.

Make an @mention at someone in an update in the activity stream. Do you get both an email and a notification showing in the user bar?

Thanks so much,
Ross :slight_smile: