Can Terms of service plug in be used with Membership on single site?

Hi there,

Quick question, I have the latest WP and Membership plug in and am using bbpress. I installed the Terms of Service plug in. I am not a multi site.

-Set up Membership
- Can see subscriptions and move to Registration page.
- See the Terms and Conditions info I created and the check box.
- Fill in the rego info and then select "Register My account"

Nothing happens and I am presented with no error messages.

Before I installed the TOS plug in I read it was ok with single site.

Today, I read a post dated Oct 2013 where a staff member indicated it was not suitable for single site use - is this still valid?

If so could you please suggest an alternate plug in compatible with membership and bb press - that would require terms of service to be checked during sign up?

Thank you very much for your help!