Can the Affiliate plugin & MarketPress be used on a per-product basis to pay consignment splits?

For background, I’m not a programer and I’m setting up a stand-alone craft store at using a custom theme and MarketPress as the cart.

In addition to listing and selling our own physical products, we’d like to list physical products given to us by other crafters to be sold on a consignment basis.

So at the time of creating the new product, it can be associated with a consignor (affiliate) and when that product sells, the consignor is credited with a fixed amount or a percentage split of the sales price.

I presume this can be easily done using Affiliate and MP, but I’m unsure how to set it up whereby a relationship is established between a specific product and a specific affiliate and that affiliate is paid a rate different from the standard affiliate rate set in the store’s payment tab.

Second, if I permit users to become ordinary affiliates (not consignors) can both be paid the different rates simultaneously?

In other words, if a consignment product sells and the sale was the result of an affiliate referral, the consignor is paid their consignment split of the sales price while the regular affiliate is paid the standard affiliate commission, say 10% of the sales price.